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Cosmetic Dentistry

Depending on what we eat and drink, stained teeth can occur easily and some stains become hard to remove, affecting our confidence greatly. At our clinics, we offer cosmetic dentistry treatments that will not only have you feeling and looking great, but will have you eating, drinking, laughing and smiling with ease. Don’t let imperfections […]

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General Dentistry

At Smart Mouth Family Dental in Oklahoma and Texas we offer a range of services and expertise to ensure your trip to our dental practice is as enjoyable as possible. From complex to common dental treatments, our professional dental team has years of experience between them, meaning no matter what the problem we can find

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Preventative Dentistry

With a busy lifestyle and so many food and drink products out there that can stain your teeth, staying on top of your oral hygiene can be tricky. At Smart Mouth Family Dental in Oklahoma and Texas, we offer a range of preventative treatments from oral care tips to flouride treatments and sealants, we can

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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry is an ideal solution for those who may have damaged, chipped, cracked or missing teeth. At our clinic we have a range of treatments to help you with whatever complaint you may have and help fully restore your smile again. At Smart Mouth Family Dental in Oklahoma and Texas, we know teeth-related imperfections

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Sedation Dentistry

Some dental procedures can seem quite scary to the anxious patient and even relaxed patients can start to feel restless when in the dentist chair too long! At Smart Mouth Family Dental in Oklahoma and Texas, we want all our patients to be as comfortable as possible, that’s why we offer sedation therapy in the

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Financing & Insurance

At Smart Mouth Family Dental in Oklahoma and Texas, our goal is to provide affordable dental care for anyone who needs it. Whether you have a dental emergency or want to improve your smile, we want you to be able to get treatment right away. Several finance options are available so you can choose the

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Membership Plan

No dental insurance? That’s not a problem! At Smart Mouth Family Dental, we want every patient, both new and existing, to be able to afford their dental care. Our Annual Membership Plan includes dental check-ups including cleanings, exams and x-rays. Plus, you can receive discounts and benefits on treatments including fillings, implants, crowns and other

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