Preventative Dentistry

With a busy lifestyle and so many food and drink products out there that can stain your teeth, staying on top of your oral hygiene can be tricky. At Smart Mouth Family Dental in Oklahoma and Texas, we offer a range of preventative treatments from oral care tips to flouride treatments and sealants, we can help you add an extra layer of protection to your mouth so you don’t have to worry about stains or tooth decay ruining that bright smile of yours!

Preventative Care

The most important step in maintaining healthy teeth and gums is regular brushing and flossing. Good oral hygiene starts at home and can help prevent cavities and decay in the long run. By brushing your teeth and tongue thoroughly twice a day, you will get rid of any bacteria or food particles that can become lodged between teeth causing plaque and decay. Flossing and mouthwash can also serve as extra steps in your oral care routine and of course, regular dental cleanings and checkups at Smart Mouth Family Dental will also help keep your teeth healthy and natural!

Healthy Habits

Oral hygiene habits are essential to keep your mouth healthy for life. The sooner you start implementing healthy habits the better but it’s also never too late to start! Some small changes can make all the difference and allow you to maintain a great smile without any complicated treatments.

Regular dental checkups can give you peace of mind, as your dentist checks for any cavities or signs of gum disease you may not be aware of. Having a dental cleaning and polish will also make you look and feel great and it is a quick and easy way to maintain excellent oral hygiene. Our dentists at Smart Mouth Family Dental can advise you on the best toothpaste and mouthwash you should use for your individual needs and we also recommend maintaining a healthy lifestyle and minimizing sugar, coffee and alcohol as they can damage teeth. You are guaranteed to leave our clinic with care and advice that will have you feeling good inside and out!

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a safe and effective mineral that is used to strengthen teeth, helping prevent decay and cavities. It is a common ingredient found in toothpaste, mouthwashes and even the public water supply! At our Smart Mouth Family Dental clinic, we offer an in-office fluoride treatment to give your teeth an extra layer of strength and protection. The incredibly quick process only lasts a few minutes and involves a high concentration of fluoride being coated on the teeth. This fluoride will set within 30 minutes and we ask you to refrain from eating, drinking or brushing your teeth within this time. And that’s it you’re done! Our team will recommend when to come back for your next treatment and also advise you on American Dental Association (ADA) approved at home fluoride products to keep that smile strong! 


Brushing and flossing sometimes may not be enough to get into every nook and cranny of your teeth, which can still lead to cavities and decay. With sealants, your teeth will benefit from an added protective layer and smoothness that will make brushing your teeth more effective. 

Sealants work by adding a tooth-colored plastic resin that bonds and hardens into the grooves of your teeth, blocking bacteria from forming. People of all ages can benefit from this treatment but it is quite common to see children receive this treatment to protect their newly formed permanent teeth. Learn more about dental sealants for you or your child by contacting our clinic today and booking an appointment with us.

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