Fort Washita Historic Site

The Fort Washita Historic Site can be found in Durant, Oklahoma. It is a well-preserved frontier fort that dates back to the 19th century. The fort was established in 1842, and it served both as a military post for the Confederate States of America throughout the course of the American Civil War and as a trading post for the entirety of the 19th century. The location is now recognized as a National Historic Landmark and serves as an extremely well-attended tourist attraction.

Captain Randolph Marcy, an army officer serving in the United States Army, was the first person to establish the fort. He gave the order to construct the fort so that it could serve as a defense against various Native American tribes. The Washita River, which was close by when the fort was constructed in 1842 and 1843, gave the fort its name. The fort was constructed on a bluff that looked out over the Washita River, and its primary function was to serve as a deterrent against attacks launched by Native Americans.

Three companies of United States Infantry and one company of United States Dragoons, for a total of approximately 300 men, were responsible for garrisoning the fort. In addition to a guardhouse and a hospital, the fort also featured a powder magazine that was used to store ammunition. There was also a quartermaster’s office within the fort, which was responsible for supplying the troops and the area around them with supplies.

During the time of the American Civil War, Confederate forces held occupation of Fort Washita. The fort served as a supply hub for Confederate forces stationed in the surrounding area. It was attacked by Union troops in 1863, but the fort was able to withstand the assault and continue operating normally.

Following the conclusion of the American Civil War, the fort was converted into a trading post for the local settlers. The trading post was a bustling center of activity, as well as a destination for both indigenous people and European settlers to meet and exchange goods. The fort was also used as a court of law and played host to a wide range of activities including dances, horse races, and other social get-togethers.

Today, Fort Washita is recognized as a National Historic Landmark, and visitors are welcome to visit the site and participate in a variety of activities. The grounds can be explored, the museum can be visited, and educational programming can be attended by guests. In addition, guests have the opportunity to tour the buildings, each of which maintains its authentic furnishings and artifacts.

In addition, throughout the course of the year, the fort plays host to a number of different events, such as the Fort Washita Fair and the Fort Washita Rendezvous. A reenactment of life in the 19th century will be taking place at the rendezvous, while the fair will have various vendors, food, and entertainment.

The Fort Washita Historic Site is significant to Oklahoma’s past and should not be missed. During its existence, the fort performed the functions of a military outpost, a trading post, and a court of law. Today, it is recognized as a National Historic Landmark, in addition to being a popular destination for tourists. Discover the rich history of the region and get a feel for what life was like in the 19th century all in one convenient location by visiting this site.

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