General Dentistry

At Smart Mouth Family Dental in Denison, TX we offer a range of services and expertise to ensure your trip to our dental practice is as enjoyable as possible. From complex to common dental treatments, our professional dental team has years of experience between them, meaning no matter what the problem we can find a solution for you. Top class care is our number one priority, that’s why with our flexible payment plan for members, you can get the treatment you deserve, no matter your financial situation. Want to know more? Call us today to book an appointment with one of our friendly team, we can’t wait to put a smile on your face!

Digital X-Rays

Apart from offering affordable healthcare, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest dental technologies at Smart Mouth Family Dental. Dental x-rays allow us to closely evaluate your oral health and assess any impaction, cavities or decay you may have. Digital x-rays are radiation-free and completely safe for people of all ages. If you feel something isn’t quite right with your oral health, book with us today at our Denison, TX clinic so we can set up the correct treatment plan for you.

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease is a common, but potentially serious condition that, left untreated, can lead to tooth loss. Gum disease typically occurs in two stages – gingivitis and periodontitis. Gum disease can often go unnoticed as pain is rare. Some signs to look out for however are:

  • Swollen or red gums
  • Receding gums or gums pulling away from the teeth
  • Excessive bleeding 
  • Persistent bad taste in your mouth or bad breath

Regular brushing, flossing and dental cleaning are vital for gum health and preventing gum disease, but if you are experiencing any of the above signs, don’t hesitate to call Smart Mouth Family Dental and book an appointment right away!  Our team can help diagnose and treat gum disease before it becomes a more serious concern.

Dental Fillings

At our Denison, TX clinic, we offer glass ionomer, resin ionomer and composite resin fillings to enhance your smile and restore any teeth that may have been damaged by tooth decay. Many of our fillings are designed to blend in naturally with your smile. Our dentists will help you make the decision on the best type of filling to suit you.

Root Canals

Root canal treatment has often been portrayed as a long and painful procedure but here at Smart Mouth Family Dental we go the extra mile to ensure you are informed and comfortable throughout. A root canal may be needed if bacteria or germs have entered a cracked or broken tooth and infected the tissue inside. An infected tooth can cause severe toothache and eventually lead to tooth loss if not addressed.

Our team will have removed the infected tissue and clean and seal the tooth with a dental crown. We are also happy to instruct you on the best way to take care of your newly restored tooth so you can see long-lasting results.  

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are top and bottom molars appearing at the very back of your mouth between the ages of 17 -21. There is often no room for the teeth to erupt from the gum leading to impaction or overcrowding in the mouth. Luckily, wisdom teeth can be removed with an oral surgery procedure ensuring they won’t cause complication in the future. The area of removal will be numbed and if you are feeling particularly anxious, we also offer sedation dentistry, for that extra sense of relaxation. Our dental professionals will talk you through each step of surgery and we will create an aftercare plan that suits you.

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